Alteration Tips & Tricks

Tips for Fittings:

    • Always have the correct foundation under your garments when being fitted. A good foundation can improve the overall appearance of your garment. It is imperative you have the proper under garments on when doing your fitting for the most accurate alteration. Click here..! for a printable reference sheet. We do offer bra cups.
    • For long skirts/dresses or pants being shortened bring the correct shoes.
    • If the item you are altering is 95% cotton or more it is a good idea to give it a wash before altering. We have seen shrinkage up to 1″ after washing.
    • If you are unsure if the item is worth altering or if what you want can be done, bring it in to us. We pride ourselves on honesty and can always give you a free estimate. Remember our work is our advertisement so we want you to look good and be happy with it.
    • We appreciate 1 week turn around for casual clothing and several weeks for formals. We do offer emergency alteration services when needed.
    • Bridal gowns require appointments.  Please contact us for more information.

Tricks for Altering Clothing

  • We can shorten your jeans to look like they have never been shortened with our signature tricky hem!
  • You can look like you lost inches off your hips by having your side vertical pockets sewn down and cut out. When not sewn down they tend to bow out, adding width to the hips
  • To help elongate your legs you should always have a slight break in your pant hem. This helps give the illusion of a longer leg by drawing the eye down over your shoe

By adding two darts in the back of your shirt or adjusting the sides you can trim inches from your waistline and turn a boxy or shapeless shirt more formfitting

By making minor adjustments to your clothing you can pull off a polished professional look without spending a fortune on custom made clothing.